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S? l??t truy c?p

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Nuoc 2014Most of the water used for hydropower generation is returned to the river though some evaporates and there are important impacts on timing and quality of streamflows.

H?u h?t n??c s? d?ng cho s?n xu?t thu? ?i?n ???c tr? l?i cho dng sng,  m?t ph?n b?c h?i v c nh?ng tc ??ng quan tr?ng v? th?i gian v ch?t l??ng c?a sng

Hydroelectricity is the largest renewable source for power generation and its share in total electricity generation is expected to remain around 16% through 2035.

Th?y ?i?n l ngu?n n?ng l??ng ti t?o l?n nh?t ?? pht ?i?n v chia s? c?a n trong t?ng s?n l??ng ?i?n d? ki?n ??s? chi?m  kho?ng 16% t?ng s?n l??ng ?i?n cho ??n n?m 2035.

For developing countries alone $103 billion per year are required to finance water, sanitation and wastewater treatment through 2015.

??i v?i cc n??c pht tri?n , m?i m?t n??c ph?i chi ??n 130 t? $ m?i n?m cho nhu c?u n??c, v? sinh mi tr??ng v x? l n??c th?i ??n n?m 2015.

Roughly 75% of all industrial water withdrawals are used for energy production.

Kho?ng 75% l??ng n??c khai thc  ???c s? d?ng ?? s?n xu?t n?ng l??ng.

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